Hello Healthcare: Pager's Technology Blog

How we're improving lives of patients and doctors, one commit at a time

Posted by Pager Engineering on October 14, 2016

We are happy to announce the introduction of the Pager Tech Blog. This is the place where our team will write posts about coding, architecture, data science, product, management and more. At Pager we have assembled a diverse team of engineers, data scientists, and product contributors who constantly push the boundaries of their areas. We look forward to bringing fresh perspectives to the tech and startup community as a whole and share our learnings.

What is Pager?

Pager is a tech driven company on a mission to improve the patient experience in healthcare through technology. We touch a multitude of areas including patient engagement, clinician workflow tools, interoperability between systems and artificial intelligence. To get a better idea of what we do, please first check out our website pager.com.

Who is Pager?

Pager is composed of over 40 employees. We have assembled a strong tech team composed of over 20 individuals across the world. We have attracted the best talent in the industry across multiple discilplines including mobile, web, backend, machine learning, data science and product.


Welcome to our blog and please stay tuned for a series of posts across a variety of tech topics. We believe that sharing our journey and experiences can add value to anyone who wishes to learn what goes on inside an innovative startup in the healthcare industry.